Innovative Payroll in Lithuania

Modern Payroll in Lithuania

Precise payroll accounting — accessible real-time.

While keeping your company’s cash flow in check is vital, it might be a chore – especially with all the local regulations. But with our tools, payroll accounting is both efficient and straightforward. Your employees can use our software to input and access all necessary financial information in real time. Or you could enjoy a reliable outsource if you choose us as your payroll provider in Lithuania. Because we know time and detailed information are crucial for your business’s growth.

Over than two decades of experience

While Tezaurus was founded in 1991 as an audit company, we have been providing payroll services in Lithuania since 1994. Because of that, we have great expertise in all laws, requirements, and regulations regarding employment, salaries, and taxation as well as how they change.

Outsourcing without delay

Working with us means full integration with your business and constantly updated database, which is fully accessible by your employees. Therefore our software becomes a great augmentation to your finance management accessible at any given moment. 

Less manual work — less errors

We designed our system for employee self-service. After a short training by our professionals, any of your employees could submit the required info to the system — and it immediately ends up in a database. This approach makes financial statements much easier to conceive and reduces mistakes resulting from the human factor.

Payroll in Lithuania services we provide:

  • Salary calculation
  • Preparation of data for e-banking
  • Salary-related taxes accounting and declaration
  • Uploading payslips to the employee self-service system (emailing them is a security threat)
  • Accounting for leave reserves
  • Vacation, parental leave and other paid leave accounting
  • Adjustment and management of internal payroll statements in accordance with your requirements   
  • Cloud-based database provision and filing
  • Immediate updates sent to you in case the government of Lithuania decides to change finance-related laws & regulations or implement some new ones
  • Insightful consultation on payroll-related topics
  • Systematization and integration of chronicled payroll data into a database
  • Rapid customer support
  • HR workforce support
  • Adjustment and installation of our innovative support in accordance with your business needs

Our clients:

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