Innovative Audit in Lithuania

Audit has never been easier

Audit has never been easier

Our company has been focusing on financial and project audits for over 20 years. Needless to say, we know not only how to provide assurance with utmost efficiency, but how to make the whole process of completing financial statements less of a headache for our clients.

Do you value your time? We do too.

We know that preparing tables, lists of assets, and liabilities for an audit might be a chore — but with us, you don’t have to worry. Through the years, we learned to work directly with our clients’ databases no matter what kind of software they use. That’s right, you can just provide us with databases, and we’ll manage the rest of the analysis ourselves.

Our audit method is made to improve your business

Thanks to direct access to the database, we can analyze all information — not just the select parts. Therefore the reports from us will allow you to take advantage of the much fuller and more detailed picture. In the end, a financial audit, both mandatory and voluntary, is about shedding light on obstacles that slow down your business growth. 

Other features we offer:

  • We use our own software for analysis. This allows for procedures which wouldn’t be available without our methodology. For example, we recalculate adapted VAT rates, analyze price deviations from average prices, and determine profitable and unprofitable sales at the document or goods level.
  • We can detect errors that cannot be discovered during an inspection of the paper documents
  • Our approach allows us to go through all transactions, no matter how many companies have had during the year.

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Our clients:

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