Innovative Accounting in Lithuania

Modern Accounting in Lithuania

Accounting designed to help your business grow.

We have provided audit and accounting services in Lithuania for over 20 years. And our experience shows that just financial reports are not good enough. We provide our customers with consulting, based on in-depth information, so they can use it to prosper. Particulary thanks to the software we onced used as an internal tool, but later adopted it for the clients.

Full Integration to meet your accounting needs

The moment you contact us, sit back and relax, just give us a tip on what you want to see in the reports. Our carefully crafted multifunctional software will adjust to the most specific traits of your business. You could either trust our experienced team of specialists or use the mentioned software to embrace employee self-service. While the system is intuitive and easy to use, we are always there to help you and your employees master it through training or timely consultations.

Reports filled with hints

We believe that general financial reports are just not enough. Use our proficiency in consulting and the unique system capable of tracking and presenting every possible piece of data. We will provide you with the most detailed insights guaranteed to give you answers on how to improve your business. And, of course, you can always count on us for professional consultations on how to use the newfound data to your advantage.

Outsourcing accounting without the time lag

Outsource usually has one major downside — you can’t get the required data momentarily. We know that, so our customer service takes extra care to keep in touch with clients whenever it is necessary. Moreover, you can always access the accounting data in case you need it momentarily. And thanks to the fact our software and its databases are cloud-based, you can use them whenever wherever.

Accounting in Lithuania services we provide:

  • Bookkeeping
  • Monthly and annual reports
  • Calculation and accounting of wages
  • Implementation of the accounting system
  • Preparation of accounting policy
  • Budgeting
  • Consulting
  • Accounting reset

Looking for payroll services? We have a separate dedicated team providing that service! Find out more!

Our clients:

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