About us

About us

EEE Principle

Tezaurus is a family of companies created to accelerate the growth of both domestic and foreign businesses in Lithuania. Our approach is based on the EEE Principle: Expertise, Enhancement, and Ease.

  • Expertise. We have been in the accounting & payroll market for more than 20 years and audit — for more than 30. Our extensive experience means that we know the market and the regulations. We also keep up with the changes to these regulations. We also know common issues businesses might face — and the solutions for these issues.

  • Enhancement. Of course, quality service is vital. But does it actually help if it doesn’t resolve issues preventing your business from further growth? We always try to provide our clients with helpful consultations and hints on how to optimize their activities, and maximize their profits. We want a partnership to be profitable to both parties, after all. 

  • Ease. Audit, payroll, and accounting are complex tasks on their own. So we try to make them easier for our clients. For example, we don’t require our clients to do extra preparations for the audit — they can just send us their databases. And the customer self-service system we offer is based on our own software. It’s easy to operate, but we’re always there to provide training.

Major milestones

We created Tezaurus in 1991. You could say it’s almost as old as the modern Republic of Lithuania itself. For more than 30 years, we have been expanding our line of services and expertise. Moreover, we expanded geographically with 3 offices in Lithuania and more in line.

  • 1991: Tezaurus founded as an audit & business consulting company
  • 1996: The line of services gets expanded — accounting and payroll outsourcing services are now provided to the clients
  • 1998: The first module of Lobasoft software is created as an in-house accounting tool.
  • 2007–2008: During the financial crisis, Tezaurus avoided client loss and employee downsizing thanks to lowered fees and skillful management.
  • 2012: Lobasoft accounting software, previously exclusively in-house, is finished and added to the line of services we provide to our clients. Now it has a full-fledged payroll module as well.
  • 2022: Tezaurus joins the European Union funds investment action program “Promotion of actions to overcome the crisis caused by the COVID-19 pandemic and preparation for an environmentally friendly, digital and for sustainable economic revitalization”. The work on the project focused on the customer self-service portal. 
  • 2023: Lobasoft software is developed for use under a subscription model. 

  • Future: Tezaurus is a stable yet constantly growing and expanding company. And if you want us to provide you with innovative and creative solutions to help your business grow as well…